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I am a Brooklyn based artist who enjoys marrying visual designs with words.

As a writer, I study the works of Margaret Atwood, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Ernest Hemingway and Fyodor Dostoyevsky, just to name a few, and allow them to guide me through the stylistic choices I make in my own narratives. In January 2014, I received my MFA in Creative Writing from LIU Brooklyn where I was under the mentorship of MFA Director Jessica Hagedorn and Distinguished Visiting Writer Martha Southgate, who served as my thesis advisor. While pursuing my MFA, I was awarded the Esther Hyneman Award in fiction for three excerpts I submitted. I am currently working on a novel that explores women's identities, how these inferior roles are constructed by men but also out of the fears of other women, and how these roles and supposed truths are challenged by modern day women particularly during the abortion era.

My affair with words and my ability to hone in on the meaning of a particular text, be it literature or advertising copy, help me tell visual stories as well. I come from a family of individuals who are skilled with drawing utensils, but who never pursued a career that allowed their pencil or charcoal to grace the page with a beautiful creation. Yet, I was adamant about pursuing my passion for the arts. During my undergraduate years at Adelphi University, I minored in studio art. There, I enrolled in a number of workshops alongside art majors including printmaking, Introduction to Photoshop and Kellyann Monaghan's Drawing course where I found myself really seeing for the first timeshapes and shadows and highlights on everything everywhere I went—details I took for granted prior. Using Chip Kidd, Helen Yentus, and Picasso, among others, as my guides, I aim to create not only visually appealing works of art that convey, with clarity, my client's meaning, but I also pride myself on creating works that are original.


2019 NY Book Show / 1st Place and Best in Category / College Textbook Cover / Cognition, 7th Edition

2019 Kansas Authors Club "Looks like a Million" Award / 1st Place / Cover and Interior / The Real Education of TJ Crowley (novel)

2016 NY Book Show / 1st Place / College Textbook Cover Ancillary Series / Concise Introduction to Tonal Harmony Ancillaries

2016 NY Book Show / Merit Award / College Textbook Cover / Concise Introduction to Tonal Harmony

2013 Esther Hyneman Award / Fiction / Made for This (An Excerpt)


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